Seeing Red … ALL red

Here’s the latest ” shut down and shut up” from Etsy.  This Thread was posted on Sept 6, 2013

Seeing Red

Shame on Etsy … Handmade shops see RED

Click to read the sixty three comments posted before Rob White closed the topic  … as usual.

It was closed within the hour.   Amazing how quickly these threads are closed and how long it takes Administration to nail shops such as these which are obviously selling factory-made goods.  This gutsy lady included her own “Treasury” composed of items she found in seconds on the first page of the Etsy Search.

And here’s the Treasury link

Treasury … Handmade makes me see red

And a portion of the Treasury    ….

Seeing Red treasury

If these are Handmade  …. then there’s obviously some sort of “group mind” in operation.

Just one example of thousands.

etsy pissed     TIP from PISSED   …   If you want to find resellers, there are two code words.





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