Another Etsy “Shut Up” … Don’t mention Factories


Here’s the latest “Shut Down and Shut Up” from Etsy.   This Thread was posted on Sept 7, 2013

Below is the Original Post which  has been removed from the discussion

Tungsten jewelry

As you can see, we rescued and filed this Original Post  … well aware that Etsy would take it down and leave an ugly big space there. We will continue this cat and mouse game until more people are aware of this muting tactic and how it is applied.

Some threads are eventually edited to a shamble of blank spaces as comment after comment is labeled  “this post has been removed”.   This one survived relatively intact because Phillips stated everything very clearly in his first comment.  AND people stepped carefully, fully aware that they could be muted in a moment if they spoke up.

Finally,  here is Etsy’s predictable canned response.  But NOTE one thing.  Now we can’t criticize Etsy or Management.   The iron fist is tightening,

Shut UpTungsten Jewelry

etsy dismissed

This piece was contributed by Muted.   He’s had experience with this Etsy tactic and is well aware of that “iron fist”.


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