The Muted and Shut Down

This is an updated list of Etsy shops and threads which have been shut down. If you have been affected by Etsy’s censorship, please contact us with details and I will post it here.

Thanks … Pissed, Blissed and Dismissed

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6 Responses to The Muted and Shut Down

  1. Jim says:

    I am working very hard on getting muted in the Etsy forums. I have already been suspended so the next time it will be a permanent muting.

  2. I’ve been permamuted.

  3. megk8199 says:

    I’ve also been permamuted, although for the life of me I can’t figure out why.

  4. zizzybob says:

    There was an innocent question asked last week in the forums. The OP asked if people thought it would be a good idea if Etsy gift certificates were sold at Walmart. This started a shit storm of post about what a horrible place Walmart is and how many Etsy sellers didn’t want their “art” associated with the low class clientele of Walmart. They said that Walmart shoppers are not their target market and that’s just the polite things they said. It really ticked me off, so I said “What a bunch of snobs you all are. The whole world is my target market. How dare you all stick your noses up at WalMart shoppers.”
    Needless to say, that post was deleted and I have been suspended.

  5. MuteThis says:

    I was muted for 7 business days (on christmas eve too!) after commenting in the forums on a seller who was tagging her items with trademark infringements. According to the etsy in the email I received… “Experienced sellers can often look at a shop and quickly identify potential problems, but don’t use the Forums to tell someone they’re breaking laws or Etsy’s marketplace policies. ”

    I replied and let them know they should just perma mute me. I was a seller and I offered some advice from one seller to another. Because after all — the etsy forums should actually be used to talk about the smell of your urine or the health of your pets — also maybe to complain about your family members and all of your medical issues… not to EVER discuss trademark infringements.

    … because discussing business topics in a forum board dedicated to a business site is highly unprofessional.

    • soorkidum says:

      The Etsy forums have become a nauseating mix of banal comments on how “lovely” each other’s shops are, to natterings about family problems. In the old days there was a forum called “The Water Cooler” which was for chit chat. The other forums were for business issues. And in those days the Etsy posters were the original pioneers of that site … and they were fun and nice.

      Now we have nothing but saccharine goo as shops selling $10 items and with a dozen sales in a year, pretend they’re running a real “business”. They chirp and twitter to each other. Sometimes a newbie with half a dozen sales under her belt will assume she’s an “expert” and will offer pages of “advice” …. most of which consists of pushing social media. If you don’t Tweet or PIN or spend your day on Facebook, then you’re not going to be successful according to these “chirpees”

      The whole forum feature is nothing but window dressing … to keep the innocents still in their make-believe worlds. They can imagine they’re actually doing something, while they spin their wheels and pay Etsy’s listing fees and provide “credibility” to Etsy which is now operating for re-sellers and wholesalers.

      Sorry Etsy … but if “vintage” is something only twenty years old … then it’s stuff from your attic or garage. And offering “supplies” on a site for ” Handmade” is a wide open double door to abuse. Add that supplier’s charm to a chain and presto … a “handmade” item. And Etsy gets fees from both. Double dippping big time.

      The forums are window dressing. Locate a dozen or so top sellers on Etsy …. funny thing is they’re never on the forums … they’re rarely in Treasuries …. they never participate in anything social on Etsy. They quietly use Etsy as a convenient shopping cart and that’s it.

      Muted on the forums. Who gives a damn. Why contribute to the sham. Just use Etsy as your shopping cart and build your business outside. Then when it starts to roll, shift your customer base to your own website. Like this one.

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