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PISSED etsy pissed

A brief Biography and History …

Pissed began his career as a honest and honorable artisan. He joined Etsy in 2008 and was immediately enchanted by the atmosphere of friendliness in a site devoted to craft people. He was also delighted by the fact that Etsy’s founder, Rob Kalin was himself a crafter who began this remarkable enterprise while searching for a venue to market his own products. A crafter’s site created by a crafter.

What could be better. Or so it seemed (sigh)

Pissed was delighted. And dove into his shop. He was so pleased with the whole thing that he really didn’t notice the time he was spending photographing and listing items. Nor the hours spent in forums. And of course the time seeking out other shops so he could give and receive hearts. Oh Pissed loved those hearts. ♥♥♥ It was such fun collecting hearts and joining something called “circles” that he really didn’t notice the disappointed feeling he had when he checked his activity feed each day and just kept finding more and more items listed by other people. And only a very few hearts for his own shop.

At first he didn’t worry about the fact he had no sales, Everyon in the forums told him if he circled more shops and gave out more hearts and spent more time in teams and forums, he would get more views and THEN he’d get more sales. And of course he needed more items in his shop. More and more.

But after several months Pissed began to get suspicious about a few things. There seemed to be some shops with a lot of sales. And some of those shops didn’t seem to be selling handmade things. It was hard to believe that anyone could make 500 beaded necklaces in a month or that those filigree rings were actually made by hand. And then there were people selling charms on chains . And then Pissed noticed that there was a category of shops on Etsy which sold supplies. And those pendants, the very same ones, were being sold by the suppliers to those people who claimed they were handmade.

This puzzled Pissed. Then he was told very sharply in one of the forums that putting a charm on a chain WAS handmade because the shop owner actually put the chain through the little loop in the pendant. Didn’t even have to drill the hole for the chain.

Then Pissed began to notice a lot of things which didn’t seem right. What was particularly frustrating was am Etsy rule which stated that you weren’t allowed to discuss any shop’s cheating on the forums or you’d get shut down and banned from commenting on the forums at all. And the warning they sent you was really strange. You couldn’t even “hint” at wrongdoings.

Well Pissed doesn’t take things lying down peacefully like Dismissed, who is a 60’s hippie. Pissed takes things into his own hands and retaliates. He uses various nefarious techniques. Undermining is one of his favorites. He pretends to follow the rules and then picks at the inconsistencies and loop holes. And gradually he exposes the soft underbelly of his victim. Which in this case is Etsy Administration.

♥ Statement of Purpose by PISSED ♥

I know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. I’ve been on Etsy for almost six years. I’ve studied the tricks and subterfuges. I’ve been muted and threatened. And now I’m right here on EtsyTricksy and here I can speak out. Which is what I’m going to do. I’m a nasty little creature. I’m going to show you how to play Etsy’s games. How to use their tricks against them. I have a neat one for getting your shop “admired”. I know how you can get into the Treasuries. And I’m going to expose the tactics Etsy uses to keep people obediently paying their fees and hovering over shops which are never going to be anything more than hobbies. But I’ll show you how to have fun with your hobby. If somewhere along the way, you realize you’ve been snookered … Well don’t say I didn’t warn you that I’m a nasty little bugger. Hey guys … Etsy’s playing with you. When you see exactly how, you can make a choice.

It’s all up to you. Keep playing or start howling about it.

And here’s a whole bunch of those stupid hearts for you to keep you coming back for more … You can take an extra handful if you re-post this or share .







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