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etsy dismissedDISMISSED

A brief Biography and History …

Dismissed is a very high level artisan.  He specializes in glass blowing and lampwork and has apprenticed with master glass artist Piotri Quark Kaku.  He deplores the cheap factory-made glass trinkets lining the gift shelves in big department stores and cringes when he sees imitation “murano” being  exported to the USA by the shipload from China.   He’s a world-class artist and has a bit of an ego to match his skills.

Dismissed believes that true art is connected with the creator’s own heart and soul and that there is no way a factory or those sham “cooperatives” which Etsy endorses, are producing genuine hand-made art. He’s quite familiar with “cooperatives” since he uses a communal glass blowing studio to produce his larger pieces because you need three difference furnaces to produce blown glass.  Sometimes the artists help each other lift the bigger pieces into the “glory hole” to shape them.   But each artist clearly designs and creates his own work.

However, just to be very sure of staying within the Etsy rules,  every piece in Dismissed’s shop is lampwork which is done  in his small home workshop.  By himself.   All alone.   And often in the middle of the night when he’s most creative.

Dismissed has had his Etsy shop for a little over two years.  At first he was very enthusiastic but then as he began check out other shops to see what the competition was, he began to see some pretty disturbing things.  First of all, he noticed the enormous number of re-sellers.  Which was really easy.  You didn’t have to  scope these shops out.   All you had to do was type in a popular item … say “owl charms” … and there were hundreds of the same item from dozens of different shops, most of them from China (Although many sellers hid that information on their main shop page).   It was really easy to find those re-sellers.  But most of them were in the jewelry category, so Dismissed turned a bit of a blind eye and just kept improving his own shop.

However,  it was the Etsy forums which really started to upset Dismissed.  Something seemed to be very wrong.   Because you couldn’t really discuss anything very much.  You couldn’t mention another shop or specific item,  you couldn’t link to your own shop to show an example of what you were discussing, you couldn’t mention the word “China” because that was considering “calling out”.   In fact ANY criticism of anything seemed to be “calling out”.    And there were no clear rules about that either.   Apparently even HINTING about some item or shop was “calling out”.   Clearly there was a very rigorous censorship going on in the Etsy headquarters.

Then being observant as well as curious, Dismissed realized that some people were disappearing from the forums and there were occasional references to them being “muted”.  One day he read a warning post from an Etsian cautioning the others to be very very careful, or they’d be muted and that they couldn’t even hint or suggest a shop was re-selling and never to mention a country of origin.   Dismissed marked the thread to read more carefully later.  But when he went back to read it, that comment had been removed.

THEN he became very very suspicious and went online and discovered a lot of horrible stories.   Shops suddenly closed after several years of successful businesses, lives ruined and income ripped away by Etsy management  … very often without warning and without reason.  Dismissed asked about this in one of the forums.

And he was immediately MUTED   …..

So Dismissed joined EtsyTricksy to offer his investigative services.

♥ Statement of Purpose by DISMISSED ♥

I have a bit of a history of protesting.  Just call me a sixties guy.  When things are unfair my stomach knots up in a miserable little ball until I can’t stand it anymore.  Then I start to rant and rave a bit.   After a while, I calm down and analyze the situation and then decide what to do about it.  How I can explain it to other people who may not see a problem and above all, how I can change it?

I have a pretty good record as far as protests go.  And I believe it’s because I think things out a bit before pouncing.  Then I plan my attack and try to make that pounce as accurate as possible.  You can’t be messy about these things.  And above all you have to be credible and balanced in your approach, no matter how angry you may be,

I’m here to dig out the nasty.  I’m going to find it on the Etsy site itself and I’m going to scour the Internet too.  You see here on EtsyTricksy, I can report what I see and I don’t have to worry about being “muted”.   Etsy can’t mute me  … or anyone else who decides to offer a bit of information here.   EtsyTricksy isn’t affiliated with Etsy in any way.  This is a free and open forum.

And I’ll be inviting you all to join me here in your comment.

Oh yes.   Don’t worry … you won’t be muted on EtsyTricksy.  Even Rob Kalin is welcome to comment.

I don’t know where these shitty hearts came from.  They’re one of the biggest scams … er … “diversions” on Etsy.   If you pick them up, maybe you won’t see you’re being used as window dressing by Etsy to allow factories and resellers to market themselves as “handcrafters.”     Just sweep them up and dump them.

broom hearts


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