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A brief Biography and History …

Blissed opened her Etsy shop about five years ago along with three other ladies from her Church group.  They all had been making hand made gifts for the annual Christmas Bazaar and when they heard about Etsy they decided to try it.

At the beginning,  it was kind of hard.   They all had to learn to work on a computer, which most of them hadn’t ever done before.  When they got their information filled in and opened their Etsy stores, they had to learn to take photos and how to post them into their shops.   It was really confusing.  Only one lady had a good camera and she didn’t know how to get the lighting correctly, so all her photos were too dark.  But another of the ladies had a teenage son and he really helped everyone.   He showed them how to use a photo editing program and how to set up their PayPal and bank links.

Finally the ladies got their shops up and running.   They were all so pleased and every day checked in with each other to see how may views they had and how many hearts they’d received.   At first they eagerly hearted each other and most of the views they received were just amongst themselves, but gradually they got more online views.  They joined the Water Cooler, which was a chat room and they learned to type with two fingers so they could send messages.   They enjoyed it so much.

When BLISSED had her first sale, they were all really excited.   It was a cute blue crocheted baby hat and it sold for $15.00.   BLISSED marked the sale on a pretty notecard and posted it on her fridge.

Sales were slow, but it really didn’t matter because they were  having such a good time and during the winter months, there wasn’t much to do anyway outside the home anyway.  After a few sales, each of the ladies began to  feel that she really had a business of her own.   And was so proud of herself.

But after a few years, they began to hear a lot of complaints about Etsy,   That there were too many re-sellers and that many people didn’t make their own items.   And then Etsy added Supplies and Vintage shops too.   The Supplies shops were really interesting because the stuff was so cheap.   You could buy nice charms for a few pennies … much cheaper than WalMart,  Some people even began to put the charms on chains and sell them as “handmade.”

That didn’t see quite right to BLISSED, but she didn’t want to think about it.   Or talk about it.   Because when people mentioned this in the forums, they got their posts removed.   So PISSED decided to ignore the complaints.  And just enjoy filling her shop, collecting hearts and making a few sales.   It was a hobby after all, not a real business.

When BLISSED heard about EtsyTrickey and that it was a site which was going to openly discuss the problems with Etsy, she wanted to join in and add her comments too.   Because she thinks that there are a lot of good things about Etsy and she doesn’t want those good things to be ignored.   BLISSED  wants to be sure that both sides are heard.

BLISSED is nice.

♥ Statement of Purpose by BLISSED ♥

I’ve had my Etsy shop since 2008.   I opened it after two ladies from my Church Club started selling their crochet and embroidered children’s dresses on Etsy..  They were so enthusiastic and the told me how much fun it setting up their shops and meeting other people in the chats.   In those days we had a great chat room called “The Water Cooler” and it was wonderful fun to talk with all the other Etsians.  Sometimes I was chatting at midnight!    We shared all sorts of stories and we encouraged and comforted each other after a good sale or a family problem.  It was the best part of Etsy.

Now they’ve close the chats and we only have “forums”  … One for Questions and one for Discussions.   But it’s not the same.    Sometimes we sneak a little bit of conversation into the Discussion forum, but it’s always in the middle of another thread.

But still, I am very happy with my shop.   I try to add something new every once in a while and when I do, I get more views.  And hearts.   I love collecting hearts and when someone favorites my shop, it shows right there on my first shop page and I’m very proud.   Right now I have 176 “admirers” … which means people who “favorited” my shop.   It’s a litle confusing because Etsy uses two different words to mean the same thing.    Etsy is sometimes confusing.   “Following” is something else I don’t understand.

 I make  crocheted toys and hats for children.   My best seller is a cute dinosaur  … I’ve sold three of them so far.   And now I have four pages of my listings  … over a hundred pieces.   They say when you have more things in your shop, you sell more and it’s really true.

In the first year I only sold seven pieces and now I’ve sold 87 since I opened.  So I’m very happy.   Sometimes my husband tells me that I’ve only made a little over a thousand dollars in five years and that it’s only a hobby.   But that’s perfectly okay with me.   It IS my hobby.   I’m a stay-at-home Mom and Etsy gives me a little extra pocket money and it is SO much fun.

So I’m here on EtsyTricksy to make sure people understand that there are many happy crafters on Etsy.  We know there are problems with re-sellers and that some shops get shut down suddenly and people disappear from forums and are muted.   But it really doesn’t matter to us because we’re having fun and we’ve made so many friends in the teams and forums.  Besides our shops aren’t supporting us.   It’s our hobby and we love it.   

So I’m going to try to make PISSED understand that everything isn’t bad at Etsy.  And show the other side to DISMISSED, who is sometimes pretty critical as well.

Here are some hearts for you.   Take as many as you like … and give some to your friends on Etsy.






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