EtsyTricksy Staff Writers


Meet our Staff.    Three Etsians.   Three Artisans.   Three Points of View.

pissed blissed and dismissed

    Aloha … I’m BLISSED       Howdy … I’m PISSED        Hello … I’m DISMISSED

Check us out under the  EtsyTricksy Staff Writers tab on our blog banner.  Or you can find us at PAGES on the home page under EtsyTricksy Staff Writers .  We believe in self promotion so we listed ourselves in two places.

 You can learn a bit about our experiences with Etsy  … some good and some not so good.  We’re three very different people with three very different fields of art and crafts.  And we have three very different points of view.

But we like each other a lot and we bounce ideas off each other and try to balance things out a bit when we get a little rough around the edges.

We’re hoping to give you some insight as to what you’ll encounter at Etsy so you can decide if you want to invest your time and energy here.  There are a lot of red flags and warnings  …. but we give tips on how to row your boat, if you’re really bent on taking it on the high seas.

Welcome  … and good fortune to you all ….


etsy blissed……….etsy pissed……….etsy dismissed








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