Buyer Poses … and Poses a Question


etsy blissed

Hi there guys  …   BLISSED here with a recent survey of Etsy Forums.  There are a lot of cupcakes in control as usual, but today a real Buyer popped in with a very carefully crafted comment.   Obviously hoping to ruffle a few feather and cause some soul searching.

So let me introduce Bridget.       She’s a brave lassie and she’s been a buyer since 2012  … no shop.   Just the sort of person Etsy wants to attract,   But she’s pissed.   Like me.  Here’s her recent thread.

Bridget thread 2

And here’s a link to the full discussion  … in case the Etsy Administrators find it and pull it. You gotta be quick here  …

I checked out those “cat necklaces”  …   Here they are.   This is a really neat charm because the hole is SO huge you could thread the chain through it with your big toe.  But the second one is at least mantaining the pretence of “handmade” because it DOES have that little initial whacked into it.   Wow  …  these are really impressive.   Cheap too!

cat pendants








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2 Responses to Buyer Poses … and Poses a Question

  1. Cecilia McKenzie says:

    Chad has created a cult-like following with his staff. Staff ‘chiming’ or should I say ‘chirping’ in with token answers to easy questions, and then closing threads, or just letting them suffer there slow demise as sellers exhaust themselves stuck on their own merry-go-round of questions and answers. Staff is obviously terrified of being ostracized themselves, and simply wont’ answer the very real questions being asked. So decentralized an organization, I’m sure staff don’t want to not appear ‘hip and cool’ among their fellow Etsian during those video-chat monthly meetings (or whatever they have)…disclosure would be nice, resume’s of Etsy’s legal team would be nice…Dream on me, huh? All I can say, is I will buy that best-seller book one day that reflects on the marketing sham taking place…when a disgruntled employees finally has the cajones to stand-up and tell the truth. Dorothy, the emperor has no clothes, but he is getting filthy rich in the meantime.

  2. soorkidum says:

    Alas … I wish I had the courage to write that best-seller expose of Etsy machinations. But the repercussions could destroy my life with a lawsuit filed which could reduce me to poverty. I’m a professional writer and even now am wary of problems with possible lawsuits. One would need more than those cohones to stand up and tell the truth. The best I can do is right here … and even then I’m cautious.

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