Clean Up and Be Credible … Toss Your Hearts


etsy pissed

Crap   ….  BLISSED is so naive.   She’s been running around counting her hearts and favorites and crowing about how everyone loves her shop.  She doesn’t seem to realize that she’s not getting any sales and that sales are the REASON we open shops on Etsy in the first place.  Heck if we wanted a social club we’d join a ladies sewing circle and make doilies for the Church Bazaar.  We’re here to SELL.

Well today she suddenly decided to check on some of the people who’ve given her hearts.  So she clicked on thair avatars  …   and then she clicked onto their “Favorites.”

Find favorites

And then she saw that a LOT of people who had given her a heart had given a LOT of people hearts.  Sometimes thousands and a few with almost two HUNDRED thousand hearts!


Now BLISSED isn’t the brightest tack in the box, but even she could see that her items weren’t being chosen for their special appeal.  Something else was going on.  This  one of her admirers had already chosen 159254 OTHER favorites.  Sheesh BLISSED isn’t exactly in an exclusive category.

So I had to explain to her AGAIN  … that this heart stuff is bull shit.  And that the reason most people give hearts isn’t because they like the item, are planning to buy the item, or possibly use it in a Treasury.  Nope.  These reasons are scarce as hen’s teeth.  They’re giving you hearts so you’ll return the favor.   And maybe they’ll pop up in your Follower’s feeds.  Or some such nonsense.

Anyway, because I really like BLISSED and get really upset when somebody hurts her feelings, I’m going to tell you how you can heart as much stuff as you like.  And then after a week or two … for decency and decorum … you can erase those hearts you gave so that you don’t look like such a jerk if someone checks on your favorites.

So let’s toss some of those hearts.  It’s easy.  Go to your shop.  Go to your favorites and click onto them


You’ll get all your favorites from the very first ones you gave hearts to.  So choose the earliest ones to erase.  So people don’t notice you’ve removed their heart.  After a week or so, they won’t check.

Number of favorites

Now click on the pink hearts to remove them.   Simple.



When you click onto the pink heart, it will disappear and the photo will fade out.  That means you’ve removed the heart.

erased hearts

And now you’re in the clear.

HINT:     You want to be discreet about this.  Give a week or so before removing a heart.  After all you want to give the recipient time to give you a “thank-you” heart  … or maybe even list you in a Treasury.   A week is good.

You can set up a timetable.  Give a hundred hearts each day and remove a hundred from the earliest part of your list.  Keeping it under a thousand  … I  prefer five hundred  … so you look credible.   This technique works like a charm .

If of course, you are dumb enough to get onto the heart bandwagon in the first place.  Remember you’re only getting window dressing and the top sellers aren’t playing this game.  Check their stats.   Most have their favorites “private” and very few are following anyone.

Wake up and smell the coffee  .. and you’ll have more time to actually drink it.







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3 Responses to Clean Up and Be Credible … Toss Your Hearts

  1. Yarn Barf says:

    I use my favorites only for things that I really like. I’m such a weirdo.

  2. soorkidum says:

    Yikes. You stand noble ( and almost alone) in the midst of crass heart panderers. Betcha don’t have 10,000 favorites listed either … chortle chortle …

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