The Devil Can Cite Scripture … or Stats

etsy pissed


PISSED here.    And tonight I’m really living up to my name.  Ever hear the old adage  …   “The Devil can cite scripture to serve his purpose”?  Well Etsy management must have memorised this little ditty and brought it up to date in these secular …. and mercenary times.

Etsy in fact has gone one step further and written its very own little scripture.  And firmly swallowing any nascent sense of guilt, they’ve even labeled themselves as a marketplace with integrity.   Without a tremor of remorse at their perfidy.  Astounding!

Etsy’s “Marketplace with Integrity”

Scroll through this masterpiece of legerdemain ( means “sleight of hand’ or “tricky fingers”.  I really AM a journalist and when I’m really pissed I become loquacious …   or  … wordy).

Okay Etsy makes a nice little list of shops reported   … 29,496… a goodly number.   Then the number of shops they “reviewed”.  At 25,357 it’s a fairly reasonable count.  But then the numbers plunge for shops where actual action was supposedly taken … only 8,555.   Not an eye-popping account by any standards.   Less than 25% of the initially reported shops.  Not so good.

Etsy action 2

But when you read what Etsy has posted as a explanation next to that last number,  a horrible reality dawns.

Etsy action

Now pay attention to this  ….. “action taken”.   Which means?   Well pretty damn near anything Etsy wants it to.   Notice they don’t say “shop closed”.  Any of those rumored “three warnings” could be included in this comparatively paltry number. So could removal of a single item.   And what exactly are those specifically prohibited items?  Seems to me that allows Etsy complete control over interpretation of what is and what isn’t prohibited.

And finally …. How many shops have been CLOSED?   ….. THAT is the real question.

It’s pretty clear that NOTHING if being done.   That any shops which have been apprehended are merely icing on a very devious and deceptive cake.

Now here’s  the ultimate slap in the face to all genuine artisans on Etsy.   Etsy management apparently assumes that its customers and the public are utter fools.   It’s not only insulting, it’s downright wrong.  And at this stage it is clearly time for legal action.

With the avalanche of obvious re-sellers from Chinese factories, the only way this chart can be accurate is if Etsy is deliberately overlooking those pages of Bubble Necklaces,  watches priced at twenty cents and those Eternity bracelets.   That is the only way these stats can be accurate.

faked stats integrity

This obviously manipulated chart. is the most damning evidence of Etsy’s deliberate deception.








. . . . . .

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2 Responses to The Devil Can Cite Scripture … or Stats

  1. Stormy says:

    I love your “Oh yeah??? Be REAL!” graphic! The only way I can see this chart as being anything remotely close to accurate is if they are going off the location the seller has provided. I’ve seen plenty of overseas-manufactured-crap punters provide American cities as locations. Far be it from Etsy to do more than one click to realize these stores are fronts.

  2. I have been documenting and reporting resellers for a long time. (If you’ve seen the archived posts at the blog Callin’ Out on Etsy, you will have seen my callouts and comments.) Etsy does close reseller shops. They do not close shops, shipping from the USA or elsewhere, that are associated with factories that manufacture the items they sell. Factory shops are not REselling — they are the source of the merchandise they list on Etsy. Resellers I have seen are mainly located in the US, so the Etsy stats look reasonable to me. Many Etsyans do not know what a true reseller listing looks like, and mistakenly think the only wholesale sources resellers use for merchandise are located in Asia (like AliExpress or DHGate). Reselling — not the same thing as factory shops — is much more common on Etsy than many community members realize, and it involves a very wide range of items.

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