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etsy dismissed

Hi there guys.   I just conducted a little research over the weekend and I’m here to report the results.  I wish I had something positive to report since there has been so little good news about Etsy in the past few months.  No matter how hard Chad Dickerson tries to perambulate around the truth, it’s still sitting there for all to see.   And it’s not pretty.

Well here’s the dope  …  ( sorry, that’s just journalese  I’m not going to pass you the bong )

PISSED has been nagging at me about the “heart” issue.   He’s been insisting that if I want to get hearts I’ll have to give hearts.  Lots of them.   And that I’ll get more visibility too because people I’ve “hearted” will give hearts right back to me and probably take a peek at my shop at the same time.

So I started giving out 100 hearts in the morning and another 100 hearts iin the evening.  I just chose the Treasury lists and clicked on everything within mouse range.  And PISSED was right.  I got more views and more hearts.  I was even included in Treasuries and I was very careful to thank the curators each time and give a heart to their Treasury too.   Because that Treasury will appear in my favorites and I can show off my stuff on my profile.   PISSED warned me NOT to ever give hearts to any Treasury which didn’t have my stuff in it.  He was very firm about that.

But this weekend I didn’t give any hearts at all.  Not even one.  On Saturday I had normal views and hearts but by Sunday I had only one heart and NO views.   I Asked PISSED how I could have a favorite without someone actually looking at it and he told me someone just clicked on that little red heart to save time.  Same as I was doing when I clicked all those treasury hearts.   Neither of us actually was looking at each other’s items

 stats zero

Then I decided to look at the previous day’s stats …. and this is what I found.

stats preppedYep   … by hearting 200 items a day, I was fueling my stats.  Here are thirteen views, eight of them for listings.     And 10 favorites.   So at least eight of these favorites have probably been viewed.     But how many of these people were giving me “courtesy” hearts in return for the ones I’d given?   Since there were so many more hearts given to me after I’d given out those 200, I’ll have to surmise that most of these are just courtesy hearts.  If the donor has actually viewed the item, I might get a Treasury out of it or I may be added to their favorites for a future purchase.  But I won’t bank on it.

Most are as useless as a stranger’s obligatory handshake.   Not going to give me sales.

But don’t they look nice.   My shop looks busy.   And that’s what Etsy wants me to believe.  Etsy hopes I don’t pay attention to my sales column which is zero.

Now I see something else.   Of those thirteen views only ONE is from outside Etsy.  That heart was given by someone finding me on Google.  With no interest in the favorites scam.

stats sources

 So what does all thus mean?   It means that only ONE view is relevant to my shop.  The others were almost certainly from Etsy shops in response to my favoriting the day before.  And we don’t know if that one Google viewer favorited anything or not.

The bottom line.   Favorites or hearts are almost meaningless.  The only way to be sure your views and favorites are genuine is to NOT favorite anything at all.  But then your views will plummet.  And there is always that remote chance that someone you favorite will actually buy the item.

But don’t bank on it !







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