Seeking Screen Savers


pissed blissed and dismissed

EtsyTricksy Editorial Staff Seeks Alert Screen  Savers

In our ongoing efforts to expose the devious manipulations of Etsy  … which we are are at pains to dissociate our fine little newsgroup with  … we have realized that we need more than three pairs of eyes.  And more than  three and a half  computers ( including an old Compaq Presario original ) to document the shady goings on at Etsy headquarters.   We need as many alert supporters as we can get.

We would like to nab any relevant ( meaning critical ) Treasuries and forum threads before the Etsy “Integrity Team” goons arrive to smash them into oblivion.  ( I have trouble typing “Etsy Integrity Team”  … my Spellcheck adamantly refuses to accept the veracity of the term.   I get “Etsy Interference Thugs” as the offered alternative )

And so we would like request as many readers as possible to “screen capture” any Treasury or forum thread which may possibly attract that hasty retribution which Etsy monitors have honed to a fine art.   Some of the threads may escape total removal from the site, but will survive as “headless wonders” with the OP’s post removed.   Others will disappear into cyberspace.    But ALL removed Treasuries will irrevocably vanish.  Not only from Etsy’s own listings but from EVERY list of treasury favorites filed by EVERYONE else.   Kinda spooky eh?

So please lend us here a hand  … one of those appendages which actually creates the “handmade” that Etsy so disparages.  Please screen capture and save whatever you find on the Etsy site which might attract enough discomfort to provoke removal.   ( I gave up on “guilt” long ago and was muted for mentioning it in one of the forums.   Provoking “discomfort” is about as good as can be expected  … )

Please contact  …  Soorki is a slave-driver and she’ll have the team chained to their computers to make sure your captures are promptly brought into the head office, cleaned off, calmed down and readied for publication.






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1 Response to Seeking Screen Savers

  1. Comforting to envision a little discomfort in the Brooklyn HQ:)

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