Just too Good to Miss … Joe’s Treasury


.etsy dismissed

Sheeeeeesh.   This one is just too good to miss.   Wish I’d been so clever.  I just opened my damned mouth too often and Etsy muted me.   But Joe is a WHOLE lot smarter than I am.   In fact when I first  saw this Treasury on Etsy and re-posted by  www.RUSEtsy.wordpress.com … I actually missed the cleverly disguised comment.   Oooh that Joe is a smart one!

Tah Dah  …. Here it is!

Joe's Treasury

Now for those of you who aren’t as sharp as a Home Depot tack … the answer to the puzzle is to simply read the text on each item.  Then you’ll get it.  To avoid disaster, be sure you’re sitting on a steady chair and aren’t drinking or eating anything when you start.  I ended up snorting coke  ( Coca Cola that is) and fell off my chair.

To date this Treasury has survived the Etsy draconian dragons and has accumulated an astonishing 8000 views, 1584 clicks and some 695 admirers. Here’s the direct link so you can read it more easily … it’s still up as of 4 am. 11/10/2013 East Coast time.   I would suppose with that many admirers it will be pretty difficult to erase.  And we’re out here with our eyes open, cyber pens sharpened and are all ready to pounce.

Enjoy & Pass it along.

Joe’s Etsy Treasury

UPDATE:    Poor Joe is gone.   The three-armed sweater has been posted. And what is even more disturbing is that the “tech” arm of Chad Dickerson’s team has even managed to wipe it off our own personal lists of favorite Treasuries.   Gone  Evaporated.  This is scary.

sweater ETsy






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1 Response to Just too Good to Miss … Joe’s Treasury

  1. Love it! I’ve been also keeping tabs on it wondering how long its goodness will be allowed to continue. I expect that as soon as someone over there figures it out, it’ll be gone. But, not too soon to make many, many people laugh. Made my day. 🙂

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