Slap Our Faces and Screw Handmade!


.etsy pissed

Howdy Guys.   PISSED here … and believe me I’m living right up to my name.   In fact right now I could do with some hyphenation.

Just call me PISSED-PISSED  …

Wanna know why?   Well Etsy has been rubbing our noses in unfair tactics for several years now.  Seems that the Dick has something to do with it.   This little bit of legerdemain ( which means “slick fingerwork” ) has been going on for several months.  Way before that fake Town Hall meeting.  What a charade!

This latest smack to the mandibles has just been reported by RUSEtsy  here on WordPress.  And I’ve swiped the news right off that bold blog because I think it needs as much visibility as it can get.

Here’s Infinity Jewelrys.  I guess this little dolly bird from Hong Kong turned our CEO’s head with her fake avatar shot.   Isn’t Alice xu pretty?   Of course she doesn’t exist.  There’s a grimy little sweatshop in Hong Kong filled with sweaty little workers turning out her a”handmade” gems in wholesale quantities.

wholesale shop

You’d think the English errors would be an immediate tip off.    “Infinity JewelryS???
And  …. ” I’m to accept retail, wholesale or customized according to your pictures.”

But the Dick and those Etsy shareholders with interests in China just turn a blind eye and get the “Integrity Team” primed and geared to harass American craftsmen who will soon be required to prove that they actually make their own paintbrushes and grind their paints from genuine Arizona rock.   Meanwhile Alice and her “Infinity Jewelrys” have racked up over 500 sales since they opened their factory outlet in June.    (Gee she IS pretty.)

shop owner

And here’s the kicker  … this factory outlet has TWENTY FOUR pages of listings.   Which in ordinary English translates to over 470 items.  Several items are  created in a dazzling panoply of different colors.   Which raises the listings to well over five hundred.

Thumb through those twenty four pages and you’ll have a comprehensive list of the major jewelry reseller’s designs on the entire Etsy site.  A smart “integrity team” member could zero in on the resellers with Alice Xu’s shop as the guidebook.   Everything from the uniquitous Bubble necklaces to the infinity bracelets are listed with every conceviable variant.  She’s covered all the bases.   Smart Alice.

wholesaler shop items


Okay now Dick … can you tell us that this shop is producing handmade items.   NOPE

But you’ve covered your sneaky butt with the new “guidelines.”   Yep.  Shop owners  can now have their own “designs” made by someone else.  And that other party can be a factory outlet.

Pretty little Alice xu fits right into Etsy’s ethics.  Like the shops who list chains and charms side by side to be sold as “supplies” to people who can manage to thread those chains through the charms and have a “handmade” necklace  …. which was the first of the Etsy scams allowing  it to double dip and get the listing fees for both the supplies AND the resulting fake “craft”.

Now Etsy has upgraded its ambitions.   It can get fees from the factory outlets and from the resellers who will buy those factory made items.  Now that’s s move forward.  Wow what a deal.

For everyone but the honest Esty Artisan.






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1 Response to Slap Our Faces and Screw Handmade!

  1. Cathi says:

    Can you do a blog post telling us HOW these resellers manage to get 500 sales in their first 5 months on Etsy? Because I don’t get it. You would think that even if they are resellers, they would still have to work as hard as anyone else to make sales. But no. What is their secret? It can’t just be the low prices, I can buy the same stuff at the mall without waiting for it to get here from

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