Hard to put a Good Woman Down … Back again


etsy pissed

Howdy ….. PISSED here.

Here’s the second treasury today featuring these mass produced factory made bubble necklaces from China.  The first one you can see on RUSEtsy.  http://rusetsy.wordpress.com/      It’s a real pretty turquoise collection.  Same necklace.   Guess someone got more pissed than I am right now, because it suddenly disappeared from Etsy treasury lists and now you get that cute little three armed sweater which means one of two things.

ONE  …   The shop has closed.   The shop never existed because it was a “sock puppet”.
TWO …    The item or treasury has been CENSORED and REMOVED.

Then you get this stupid little three armed sweater.   I hate it.   It means Etsy is shutting someone up.



Well we have some pretty gusty people on Etsy.   And some of them are pretty pissed.   Just like me.   And some of them are brave and determined.   Sort of like that Greek heroine, Antigone.   She kept cutting down her murdered brother’s hanged body and burying it decently every night.   In the morning the wicked King Creon’s henchmen would disinter it and string it up again.  This went on and on  …. and ON.   Finally one of the bad guys told Antigone she’d never win the battle.   They’d keep digging up that corpse forever.  They told Antigone she’d fail.

Her answer was pretty good.   In fact it’s probably the most dramatic line in all of theater.

She replied  … “Then I shall have TRIED and failed.”

Well Etsy has a modern day Antigone in the wings.  Debbie isn’t going to give up.  So she created this treasury.   BLUE bubble necklaces instead of the censored turquoise ones.   Damn it  … those Chinese factories are making them in a veritable rainbow of colors. So here’s her new Treasury.

Why you’re not making sales like last year.

And Debbie pleads for justice too  in the comment section.

curator statement

. But just in case Etsy decides to muzzle, mute and censor  … DISMISSED was roaming around the Etsy Treasuries with his camera and he got the pics of that Treasury.   Just in case, you understand.   Here they are.

bubble necklace complete


Ku Pa’a          Stand Firm!


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11 Responses to Hard to put a Good Woman Down … Back again

  1. Thank you for the GREAT blog on this. Sad to see so many people upset and not all are leaving the nicest of comments on the blog. For the most part people are just frustrated and feel their hands are tied. For many people, including myself, Etsy WAS the welcoming place where we felt they opened the door for our small little home business and helped us make a living at this, and now it has slipped out from under us, likely to never be seen again. Many Artisans feel left on their own and scared quite frankly. Leaving to start our own websites is frightening as driving traffic to our sites takes tonnes of work and never will we get the kind of traffic that Etsy used to bring us before they opened the doors to all of these large manufacturers. Its just so sad.

  2. Etsy just removed the Treasury@! It was up for 17 hours and had over 3500 hits and 9 pages of comments and generated a tonne of new Treasuries!~

  3. Brass says:

    Way to go Deb! I hiope you don’t get muted for it!

  4. Amy says:

    Keep at it. More and more people will continue to follow the foundation you’ve laid, doing the same thing (I hope!)
    It will keep Etsy busy for a while 🙂

  5. Oh yes, all gone. It’s amazing to me that they choose to stifle the single struggling artist again. Will there ever be a venue that stays true to the ARTISAN?

  6. PBCGE says:

    Hey at least the sellers aren’t all using the same photo from Ali Baba in those treasuries (ISTR treasuries a while back featuring clockwork owls all using the same photograph)

  7. Irene Giorgio says:

    Yeah but how much traffic does handmadeartists get and sales?

    • soorkidum says:

      Until the last year or two, a lot of traffic and sales. Many shops provided a living wage for thousands of artisans. The most successful artisans link their Etsy shop to other blogs and websites. And these artisans provided traffic for the entire Etsy site. In effect, Etsy shop owners drive traffic to Etsy and are doing the advertising which Etsy fails to do for us itself. Unfortunately with the huge influx of re-sellers, we are doing that advertising and seeing our clients being diverted to those other sellers by Etsy’s horrible diversionary tactics … showing “similar items” at the bottom of our listings and adding extra links to other shops.

      When we are all genuinely making our own items, that might be considered merely an annoyance …. but when buyers are diverted to re-sellers and in effect lured away bu lower prices and visibility, then we’re merely “fronts’ for Etsy. We are being used as a “cover” for a major shift to commercial sellers …. most of them factories in China. We are being used … pure and simple.

  8. Thanks for the love Laura, handmade is number one in our hearts!

  9. K says:

    Etsy Administration has a good game of Whac-A-Mole going on as these treasuries are popping up daily! So glad to see some Sellers waking up to the reality that is Etsy and salute their bravery for speaking out.

    • soorkidum says:

      I salute them too. I took a look at the specs for creating a Treasury and encountered this …. “The curator of a list may delete comments on that list at their discretion. Etsy reserves the right to remove Treasury lists at any time. Abuse of Treasury may result in suspension of privileges AND/OR ACCOUNT TERMINATION” ( emphasis mine )

      Etsy sure covers its ass at every turn. And several of those who posted the Whac-A-Mole Treasuries have successful shops with many sales and a lot to lose. There are brave people indeed and I thank them.

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