Why the SAME items Always on the Front Page

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Sheeeeeesh … Sometimes I think I should apply for a legal name change and become “Pissed II”.     Some things are just so infuriating.  Wanna know what’s bugging me today?   Well it’s what I’ve discovered about all those same items being endlessly posted on the Front Pages.   Over and over again, we see that same mint green shrug and chevron pillow.  Makes you wonder if Chad Dickerson has taken up knitting in the evenings when he’s not balancing his bank account.  Hummmm?

But the truth is that WE are the problem.   Those of us who have jumped onto the “hearts” scam-wagon.  Yep.   We’re boosting those same shops up onto that Front Page all by ourselves.  And we’re doing a stellar job of it.

Pissed showed me yesterday what’s happening.  Remember the piece he wrote about “Don’t Just Give Your Hearts Away?”   He included a paragraph showing how to economically distribute those hearts without wasting too much time.  He really was a bit embarrassed about it.  Here it is.

Another source is Treasuries.   But research here at EtsyTricksy has shown very little reciprocative hearts from the Treasury curators themselves.   BUT you can harvest some shops from within the Treasuries since most of them are good sellers and nice products.

In a pinch you can just pull down a page in SEARCH and heart everything in sight.   But that’s a little too facile even for me.   And I’m VERY lazy.  And devious.

Well it’s pretty clear that lots of people have discovered this dirty little trick. And that those Treasuries are a neat place to scoop up reasonably attractive items to give hearts to.   I mean you don’t want too many crochet spiders and sequined pens in your favorites.  Ruins your credibility.  And most of the Treasuries give you a fast way to pick out the good stuff without bumping into all those re-sellers.   Look how easy it is.    Just heart everything in the Treasury and move on to the next one.

treasury scam

See how easy that was.   Less than twenty seconds and you have 8 hearts  … probably one or two of these shops will give you a heart in return  … just to be polite and say “thanks”.

Now here’s what happens when enough people are on this “heart” scam wagon.   Those items you chose on one of the Treasuries are being circulated over and over again.  They pop up in your follower’s feeds.  Remember that the “Follower” trick is another devious scam to get you to spread “seeds” or views all over the place.  Besides getting more views from actually being included in the Treasury, these shops are getting your hearts and views from YOUR followers.

YOU aren’t benefiting one little bit.   Apart of course from getting a few “gratitude” hearts tossed your way.  Usually by shops in Europe which follow thousands of shops as part of their daily routine.   Look at the stats under their “favorites”.   And weep. I found one yesterday with over 200,000 “favorites”.  Gad she’s busy   I wonder if she has some sort of “heart APP” running.

Everyone is running around in circles, hearting and following.   And those SAME shops are the beneficiaries of all this Etsy nonsense.

But WHY are they always on that Front Page?

SIMPLE   …. fellow suckers.   You put them there.   Because the people fussing around with Treasuries are doing exactly what you are  …  going into those lists and simply picking out items by color or theme.  Heck a couple of hours and they have fodder for three or four more treasuries  … using the SAME items.  Heck they don’t want to wade through all those re-sellers any more than you do.   They have a ready source of reasonably nice stuff right there listed on the Front Page treasuries.  And if they’re following you … well you’ve done the leg-work for them and even if they don’t even see another Treasury, they have YOUR choice to inspire them.  They can sit there and just click onto items.

So stop carping about Etsy picking and choosing their own special favorites.   NOPE.   Etsy’s too smart for that and they don’t have the time.   They’ve set up the “heart” system and the “treasuries” so you’ll do all the work yourselves.   YOU are putting those shops on the front page.  So stop whining.

♥  Ever notice something?    Top sellers on Etsy don’t participate in the Forums or on Teams.   They don’t waste time fiddling with Treasuries.  The don’t “Follow” anyone.  And whatever they’ve hearted or favorited is almost always “private”.   Hummmmmmm.

Maybe they’re just using Etsy as a shopping cart and are expending their  time and energy on their own blogs and sites.   Hummmmm.   I know of at least one who does this very successfully.   She’s made over $100,000 on Etsy.   And her profile is virtually empty.

And ever notice that the Treasury Curator doesn’t have a chance any more to show one of her own items.  Nope. Now if she wants her Treasury on the first page, she only gets her avatar shown.  Talk about being snookered into working for nothing.  Etsy sure know how to work its system.


etsy pissed Well it sure took YOU a long time to wake up and smell the latte.  Any fool who wastes time making a Treasury has just  … well … wasted their time.  Sure you’ll get all those cute “ Lovely … thanks SO much for including my crochet spider” notes in your comment section.  And some of the shops will “favorite” your Treasury.  So what does that get you?

Not a damned thing.

And all those hearts you collected … most of them “courtesy” hearts?   What does that get you?   Well they look nice on your shop stats.   And they make you feel appreciated even if you know they’re only thank-you hearts from some shop in Slovenia which has already given out 136,000 hearts in the past two years.    Wake up people and smell the coffee.








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