Etsy Ponzi

etsy pissed

Howdy Folks.  Pissed here.   Guess what?

You’re being snookered again by Etsy’s latest slap in the face.  This one’s a dandy.   Not bad enough that we already do all the advertising for them … all that “social networking” crap.  They even put those nasty little buttons all over the place so we don’t forget to click onto Facebook and Twitter.  And pin our asses onto Pinterest.  And don’t forget to share with your friends and colleagues and relatives and hand out cards to all and sundry as you walk down the main road.   You have to advertise YOU.   Or so we’ve been told.   Because it’s pretty clear Etsy isn’t spending a penny on advertising for us.

It’s all up to us, Mateys.

But NOW  … they’re going to offer us AMBASSADOR posts.  We can become Etsy AMBASSADORS.  All we gotta do is get another sucker to jump onto the Etsy bandwagon and earnestly build his or her shop so Etsy  can fill in spaces between the resellers and factories from CHINA.   (Hey  I can call out here    This is MY site.  I paid for the domain).

Here’s the OP …  “Original Post” for you poor newbies who still have their ideals intact.

ambassador  title

And what do we get out of it.   Wow.   Forty FREE listings.   Let me get out my pocket calculator because I have trouble tabula    tiing large figures.   Yep I got it.

                $8.00   …. Eight whole friggin’ dollars!!!!

I’m speechless.   Struck dumb by the enormity of this largesse.  For eight dollars I bring Etsy a new customer to contribute to their “handmade” branding.  A customer who like most newbies, will fumble to his or her knees and disappear before the first four months is over.   But Etsy will get their listing fees AND look at how their “signup” numbers will increase.   Sucha deal … as we used to say in the Bronx.  Ponzi scheme … as we used to say in Brooklyn.

But look  … we get a neat little toolkit with businesscards and BADGES.   Nothing like a badge to make you feel important.   Look what those badges have done to Police egos.   We can even put that fucking badge on our shops, ferheavenssake.

Ambassador notice 2

And here’s the whole thread.   I’d advise you not to read it right after eating.  It’s truly gag-worthy …

Etsy Thread … “Ambassador Offer”

etsy pissed

Pissed, Editor at Large.





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7 Responses to Etsy Ponzi

  1. Michelle says:

    Ahahaha! When you pointed me to the “thread”, I had no clue which thread at first. Yes, it’s very laughable, isn’t it? I mean, what gall! No, but wait… I could save $8.00 and, golly gee, aren’t we all scraping by and trying so hard to make ends meet? 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    Oooops… sorry. YOU didn’t point me to this thread. Someone else did. No matter. It’s still a laughable (and now I’m laughing at myself)

  3. BrainofJen says:

    While I agree the whole thing’s a sham, I’m not sure where you’re getting that you need to refer 40 new sellers to get the 40 listings. The offer is 40 free listings for EACH referral. 40 referrals would net you $320, not $8.

    • soorkidum says:

      Thanks Brain … We missed this detail in the avalanche of complaints being fired off in that forum. At least the Etsy “deal” is marginally sweeter. But Etsy still stands to come out ahead.
      Mercifully. it’s not quite as pathetic as receiving a “friggin twenty cents” per referral.

      Will call on Dismissed to edit and correct. Pissed sometimes gets a little out of hand.

      Thanks … EtsyTricksy Staff

  4. EtsyFacts says:

    Really? is Etsy suffering from lack of new sellers that now they have to buy them? Gee, I wonder why.
    But c’mon, who’s gonna go out of their way for $8 lousy bucks per referral, not even good for a movie ticket!

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