Etsy’s New Survey … News Flash



etsy dismissed        etsy pissed        HEY GUYS   …. NEWS FLASH!!!!!

Etsy has just issued a new “survey” which is being sent to selected shops.  We received a link from an undercover source

It’s 27 pages in length  … and that’s LONG.   And the number of questions asked are  … well …   let’s say a lot of things can be buried in a pile of shit.

And the questions change according to your answers.   We got a lot of queries about “employees” which seems odd in a site ostensibly devoted to HANDMADE.

And a lot of tax questions  … relating to businesses a LOT LARGER than a regular Etsy handmade shops

This questionnaire/survey is obviously NOT geared to the original concept of Etsy  … as a site for handmade products.  These are questions for much larger businesses  … including ones related to healthcare, retirement,

But the most disturbing is a page of questions devoted to political activity and activism.   Is ETSY nervous about protesters  …  hummmmm?    We’ve outlined that page in RED so you don’t skim over it.

I guess we’re both in the firing line.   Bliss is probably okay.  As long as she doesn’t mention that she knows us and works at EtsyTricksy.

OKAY  …. Here’s the survey …. Hold on to your socks and make your own observations.  And maybe grab a cup of coffee or a mug of beer to tide you over.

Survey 1page 2page 3 page 3page 5page 6 part 1page 6 part 2page 7page 8 part 1page 8 part 2

page 9page 10page 11page 13page 14page 15page 16page 17page 18page 19page 20page 23 red borderpage 22page 23page 24page 25page 26page 27page 28last page

And there you are!    We’re not too sure what this all means.  But it looks like one of two things to us.  And neither is good news for the genuine artisan.










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2 Responses to Etsy’s New Survey … News Flash

  1. Crysta Icore says:

    I just did that survey yesterday and I didn’t have any of those questions. All of mine were about resellers and why I think they are bad for Etsy. There was nothing about taxes or websites. What’s up with that?

  2. soorkidum says:

    That’s weird. But I think some manipulation IS going on. When I downloaded the link I was given, I tried to see the whole survey at once …. but you can’t move from one page to the next without filling in answers to their questions … ALL of their questions.

    The first time I started out with Germany listed and with Etsy a my “full time” job. The second try, I changed the country to USA and put “not full time job” . THEN I noticed the questions had changed. I suspect there are various questions tailored to various answers and that we’re NOT getting the SAME survey. I also suspect our mail from within Etsy is being monitored.

    Here’s the link again. They’ve overlooked it in one thread. Try it with different answers on the openings pages and see what you get. I didn’t get ONE reference to re sellers … as you can see from the survey I reprinted.

    Several other people on the Etsy forums commented about the questions concerning political activism … which I outlined in red here. Was that page on your survey?

    I think we’re being snookered with different surveys and only certain shops receiving them. But when I tried to check the sales stats of people I know received the survey … they seemed quite random.

    Wouldn’t a little transparency be nice?

    Cheers …. Tricksy

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