Etsy’s Longest Thread Closed


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Today Etsy’s longest thread was shut down by Rob White after 12595 people wrote to complain about a new feedback system which now uses five stars instead of the much more user friendly and simpler positive neutral and negative.

Spanning more than a week, thousands of Etsy sellers and buyers flocked to comment on the unfairness of this new changes which was foisted on them with NO warning.

Already there is deep discontent about the blatant resellers which Etsy management does nothing to control Already people are angry over the arbitrary muting in the forums and even more draconian measures which close their shops without warning … some of them after years of selling on Etsy.

Because this thread was closed today, we all wanted to be certain it could be accessed ouside of Etsy.   Of course Etsy could “vanish” this thread too.  But backup has been stored off line. All 340 pages of it which took a brand new jumpdrive, fifteen cups of coffee and half a pound of chocolates.  We ALL took turns.

And here for the curious is Rob White’s effete and patronizing bit of legerdemain.  Translated into ordinary language  … he’s snookering us.

Rob's blather

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