Stop “Following” Me!


etsy pissed

Howdy  …. Pissed here.

Yep I’m back with another complaint.   I’m sick and tired of getting email notices that someone is “following” me.    I used to get all excited about having a new follower until Dismissed told me a dirty secret.

Followers aren’t following your shop and the items you’re posting.  Nope.  They’re following your activities outside your own shop.   They’re getting notices about all the  other shops you heart or other individual things which you heart.   Anything you do except have lunch or go to the bathroom.  But nothing from your shop


etsy tricksy sleuth

So when I find an email announcing that you’re following me … I’m disappointed.  I always hope it’s a notification that I have a sale.   And it feels like SPAM to me.  I just delete it.   But sometimes before deleting it, I check to see how many people you’re following,   If it’s more than a hundred I know you’re just another person who mistakenly thinks you are following the stuff in my shop … not other people’s stuff.   And I realize we’re both been snookered by Etsy’s silly “following” nonsense.

And that damned Follower crap carries a double whammy.  Not just mucking up my email but also right on my Etsy site.  When I see that little number next to my Activities feed,  I’m eager to see who has hearted my shop or my listing.   I click onto it and then I see that it’s my “Interactions” box which has been active.  And I know without even clicking onto it, that it’s another stupid follower  … or even more stupid, some jerk who has “refavorited” something I gave a heart to.

activity feed 2

There’s only ONE relevant box in my activities feed  … and that’s my Shop.

So how about sharpening up a bit.   Just quit following me.   You’re mucking up my email, filling my activities with your junk and doing nothing to help my shop.

Just bugger off, Okay  …

etsy tricksy sleuth




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