Fast and Easy Heart Donations


etsy pissed

Howdy  ….  Pissed here.

Today I’m going to share some shit with you guys and you all know how much I enjoy uncovering Etsy’s dirty little secrets.   Makes me salivate a bit just thinking about it.   Now this one is all about those ♥♥♥  hearts.

If you’ve read Dismissed’s post “To Heart or Not to Heart”  you’ll know that hearts ARE important for serious sellers because of one main thing.  They bring views.   Most of your sales at first will come from within Etsy itself.  And those hearts will be scattered around and appear in other people’s activity boxes where they’ll see them.  And maybe be curious enough to click onto the item or shop.  And maybe actually buy something.

Okay.    We agree that you want to collect hearts ♥♥♥.   And the easiest way to do this is to give hearts because of a very basic and simple thing.  Many people will want to be polite and reciprocate.   They’ll automatically try to thank you and the best way to do that is to give you a heart right back.

This little trick has unfortunately been discovered by a lot of people.  Which has devalued those hearts somewhat.   But it still works.   Remember you’re giving hearts to GET hearts, not because you’re generous

Now you can heart a shop or an individual item.  Two kinds of hearts.   But you may want to give shop hearts in order to harvest shop hearts  … because those ones mean every time in the future you list a new item, your heart “donor” will get a notice in their activity box.  You get a free ad that way. And these shop hearts become “admirers” and are listed on your main shop page and they look really nice too.

So the best way to get a shop heart is to give a shop heart.   Some people will ignore it, many will only give you an item heart as thanks  …. but a few will return a shop heart and you then have a new admirer and that ongoing perpetual ad.   Okay?     You can find the little gray heart icon under the shop banner or under the shop name on an individual listing.  Click it and it will turn pink announcing that you’ve just become a heart donor.

But don’t ignore the item hearts.   Because when somebody with a lot  of followers gives you a heart, all their followers will see it and your item in their activity box.  And they may view it and give it another heart.  Double whammy.   So give out plenty of item hearts too.

Here’s a neat trick to make those heart donations faster  … much faster.  Etsy has made it so simple to heart without even wasting time VIEWING the item.   All you do is click onto the photo and presto  … hidden under it is a gray heart.   Click on that heart and it turns pink and you’ve just given a heart.  See how easy it is.    You can click onto dozens in a few minutes.


Go to Etsy’s first page and there are a whole lot of treasuries with the photos all lined up and ready for you to click and heart.   Go for it.  Bet you can heart a hundred in under five minutes.   I dare you.

See how easy it is.   Make sure you give out plenty of hearts every day.  And you’ll start coming up in people’s feeds and being seen everywhere.   Just don’t waste time choosing things  …. click on EVERYTHING   ……

♣   ( I’ll show you later how to clean up the crap which will start flooding your activity box.  Remember when you heart a shop, you’re going to get all that shop’s new listings automatically sent to you. Forever.  Whether you want it or not )


Comments from Editorial Staff

etsy blissed

Aw Pissed  … that’s just plain mean.

etsy dismissed

You have a point, Pissed.  Seems kinda sneaky though




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