To Heart or Not to Heart

Hearts Pissed and Blissed


etsy dismissedHello  guys.  DISMISSED here. Now simmer down.  There are two sides to this heart thing.   Pissed is quite right  … it’s a scam to keep you busy and make you think your shop is “active”.  And if you’re not having any sales, a few hearts kinda buck you up a bit and help soothe that bruised ego.   I know  … it’s hard to keep enthusiastic when days go by and nary a sale in sight.  And Etsy wants you to keep your shop open to balance out all those resellers and keep it looking like a genuine “handmade” site.

I feel your pain, Pissed.   I hate the feeling of being used too …

But Blissed is happy.  And that’s okay too.  Her husband has a job and she’s not depending on Etsy for her peanut butter sandwiches.  Crocheting those little spiders is her hobby.  And those spiders ARE cute.  On those winter days when the kids are at school and she’s feeling a little blue, there are the forums and teams where she can chat with her online friends.   It makes her feel she’s got company and isn’t alone in her snowbound house.  Blissed is really happy with her Etsy shop and she LOVES those hearts.  They make her feel appreciated.  And some of the teams she belongs to encourage each other to “favorite” the shop above theirs in the conversation and give hearts to another five shops’ items.

That way everybody feels appreciated and valued.   I like that feeling too, Blissed.

But there IS a way those hearts can help your shop sales, if you really want to put in a little extra time and play the game a little bit  … sneaky.

You see, every heart you get,  means someone viewed  that item.   Now unless someone actually views an item, they’re certainly not going to buy it by telepathy.  They have to at least see it. 

Okay  … so let’s say Cupsy Cakesy hearts your item.  Well she’s probably not going to buy it, but if she has any followers … then they will see it in their feeds.  And if she has several hundred followers, you’ll get those extra views.   And one of them may be a sale.

Now if Cupsy Cakesy hearts your shop … you’ll get a double whammy.  Because her followers will get that notice  … and every time you add a new item, then Cupsy will get a notice about that too.   You have an everlasting Ad sent to Cupsy’s feed for all your future listings.

Now every heart which brings you a link to more views is to your advantage.  You want VIEWS …  because that’s the only way you can sell.  (Of course the original heart donor will have viewed your item, before hearting it.   But she’s probably not going to buy.  You want her links   … her followers ….)

Item hearts bring you views from the donor’s followers  ( so it’s better to get hearts from people with lots of followers  … Pissed is going to help you with this …)

Shop hearts will guarantee each of your future listings will be delivered to the donor’s activity feeds  … an eternal Ad.   Very important.  Because if the original donor give a new item from your shop a heart  … her followers are going to see it in their feeds.

So I’m going to turn this over to Pissed  … who will give you the tricks on getting more hearts, more views and more sales.

golden rule 2

Do NOT Follow anyone. It won’t help your shop one bit.   You’ll only get the stuff they viewed ( NOT their OWN items) in your feed.   If someone follows you, just ignore it.  It just means they’re getting links to stuff you’ve hearted. No value to your shop at all.

You want those people who have followers to heart you  .. you don’t want or need followers of your own and you don’t want to follow or you’ll get a lot of junk in your activity feed.

(Does this sound confusing.   It IS.    Just contentrate on collecting shop hearts and ignore all this other crap.  It will operate for you if you get those hearts.   PISSED is going to help you with this since my conscience won’t let me do it.  )


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