Heartless Hearts on Etsy



etsy pissedG’Day Mateys …  PISSED here  ….

And here I am with some more dope for you all    First of all, lets get to the nitty gritty about all those hearts  ♥♥♥ which Etsy has tricked us into thinking are really really important.   What does Etsy think we are?   School kids sitting around waiting to be rewarded with little gold stars  …  or pink hearts in this case ?

YEP  … that’s about it.   Because Etsy has figured out that those hearts accomplish two REALLY important things.   Firstly they make us all feel we in such a nice warm fuzzy place  … like kindergarten.  And secondly, they make us feel busy … even if we’re not.  Because we’re all checking out our stats to see if we’ve been given a new heart.  And we forget we haven’t had any sales.   We have 452 hearts for that little crocheted spider and then we don’t stop to wonder why nobody’s bought it.  We have those pretty hearts.  And then we’re happy  …

etsy blissed

I love my hearts.   I have so many hearts for all my items and I have 265 admirers for my shop.

Okay BLISSED  … I know you’re happy.

But you’re not really facing reality here.  You only have two sales and you shop’s been open for a whole year.  Wake up and smell the coffee! Etsy wants you to be content with two sales and keep your little crocheted animals in your shop on their site.   Because then people will believe that Etsy is the “place for all things handmade” as they say in their online promo.  They need genuine crafters as a front.

You are a front.

Yep.   Because Etsy makes its money from resellers selling stuff made in factories in China, Hong Kong and sometimes India.   Just type “watches” into Etsy Search.   And then choose ” lowest price”.   You’ll find pages of watches for TWENTY CENTS.   All of them from China … all of them claiming to be handmade.   Try it and see.   How many people do you know who handmake a watch?  They all died out in Switzerland a century ago.

And TWENTY CENTS!   Be real!

Etsy watches

Now think about it a bit.   Etsy gets. the same listing fee for those watches as for your crocheted spider.  And sells thousands and thousands of watches while you sell two spiders.   Think about it.

The next reason Etsy wants you as a front is their second most profitable category of shops.  These are legal according to Etsy rules.   But they make no sense at all in a handmade site.  These are the SUPPLIES shops.   These shops also sell factory made stuff in wholesale quantities.  And make a lot of listing fees for Etsy.

And here’s where Etsy throws another curve ball at genuine crafters.   It allows people to buy those supplies and simply  put a chain from one supply shop onto a charm bought from another and call that item “handmade”.   Because a human hand put the factory- made chain through the loop in the factory-made charm.   Presto … HANDMADE.

And these shops insist they’re making genuine handcrafted items.   And then they sell them for a few dollars.  And they sell a lot of this cheap junk.  Even the Chinese factories have started listing this component crap.   More dineros for Etsy.

Are you getting the picture, Blissed?   Now do you see it?

Etsy needs you to cover up for their real money sources  … resellers, supply shops and crafters selling component crap.  So they try to keep you content with those hearts.








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