Hearts, Favorites and Admirers … more Etsy Trickery


etsy dismissedHello   ….. DISMISSED here

Yep, I’m in my usual state of mind when I click onto Etsy to check things out.   Suspicious and veering a bit towards open distrust. Today I’m going to talk about  Etsy’s system of  “hearts” and “favorites” and “admirers”.   Three different words for the same activity  … which is basically clicking on the  little grey heart icon under the Etsy shop banner or on the photo of an individual product.

When you click onto this icon ….. it turns a nice romantic pink.   Isn’t that just so charming.   Like “Hello Kitty”  … almost unbearably cute.

Now here’s the real dope.

When someone decides to become a heart donor and “hearts” a specific item or a shop , the shop owner will get a notice that it has been  favorited .      They call hearts “favorites” in your notifications.   Why I have no idea.   More Etsy legerdemain, I guess.

hearts notification

The most important heart here for you as the shop owner  is the SHOP heart/favorite.   That’s because whenever you post a new product, the heart “donor” will be notified.  A little extra ad for you every time you post or renew.

Both hearts  … for shop and for product will also show up on the activity feed of the donor ….as well as anyone who is FOLLOWING your heart donor.   If your heart donor has a lot of followers,  you’ll get some exposure.  But just for that ONE item. But If they’re like me and don’t follow anyone, you’re out of luck.  It’s a dead end road.

So you want to collect as many SHOP favorites/hearts as you can.  Because you get that network kind of exposure.   And it is ongoing, as long as you keep posting new items.

But watch out for another word switch here by Etsy.

When someone HEARTS your shop, it becomes a FAVORITE in your activity feed notification and then appears on your Shop Page as an ADMIRER.     If anyone can figure out this nonsense, just let me know.

The Shop heart/favorites will appear as your “admirers” and a nice hefty number of them looks good on your front page.  And each time you post something new, your admirers will all get a notification.   Free advertising.      You WANT those hearts.    At least that’s what I’m assuming.

Your item hearts are nice too.  But they’re not posted so prominently on your product list and each one gives you only a slim possibility that somebody “following” your heart donor will see it in their feed.  Probably not, since after a month or so, most people get smarter and ignore all the stuff in their “Following” feed and go straight to “Your Shop” to see what’s happening in their own shop.

activity feed

So what’s all this hoopla about.   Why this system?   Seems a waste of time to me.   And awfully childish.   Like little gold stars for good behaviour.   It kind of makes Etsy look less professional or serious.   That’s my two cents.

But PISSED has other ideas.    And he’s going to tell you about them.   I’m just a little confused about all these terms and interactions.   TMI for me.




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