Etsy’s Official Canned Response to Critical Comments


  Reported by Pissed and Dismissed

etsy pissed& etsy dismissed

EtsyTricksy is pleased to reprint the standard canned response which Etsy regularly posts at the end of threads which dare to challenge their appallingly lax enforcement of the handmade rule. I have not included the administrator’s name or photo for legal reasons. But the letter is a standard Etsy warning when a discussion is closed. It is rubber-stamped by whoever is monitoring the forums at the time.

Since Etsy ignores reports of shop violations in spite of their constant reiterations of how seriously they take those complaints … often people vent in the forums, hoping to get some redress.  But nothing is done.  We are explected to believe that multiple shops are producing items which are priced way below reasonable cost to produce by hand. And are “making” them by the hundreds.  The sham of “reporting shops” is regularly dangled before us when we dare to suggest publicly that something is very wrong.

AND of course we must not identify a shop or even hint at what products they sell in those forums.

In other words SHUT UP or we’ll Remove your Post. And possibly remove your shop. And ban you from the forums


Etsy warning letter

Quite a lot of room for interpretation here, eh?   And room to arbitrarily censor anyone who dares challenge Etsy lapses.




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