Charming “Charms on a Chain” by Pissed



G’d Day Mateys  …  This is Pissed.   etsy pissed   Here I am with another neat trick for Etsy success.   This one will save you oodles of money and let you churn out cheap crap at supersonic speed with almost NO effort on your part.   Sounds good, eh?

And what’s even better, you can do it all legally.  You see Etsy doesn’t care how much your hands are actually involved in your creations.   In their rules for handmade,  you can buy a cute little charm in one of Etsy’s  “Supply” shops  and in that same shop you can often find a factory made chain.   Then you thread  the chain through the loop in the charm and voila  … you have a handmade necklace.  Of course if your conscience begins to gnaw at you a bit,  you may opt to put a little more effort into your craft. Then you can purchase a filligree metal ring in another of those supply shops.  Conveniently listed right under those rings are normally dozens of  really cheap  resin cabochon flowers.   Just put a dab of glue on the back and paste it onto the ring shank and  presto ….   LOOK

large etsy paste up

Your own “handmade” product.   Took you less than thirty seconds, cost you less than one dollar total …. and now you have something you can sell as an exclusive handmade design.  If you label it “vintage” you can add a few dollars to the price.   Isn’t it cute?   And it’s so fast to make that you can make dozens in an afternoon.   Even the kids can help.

And everybody’s really happy.   You’re happy because you didn’t actually have to make anything and your supplies cost zilch and  Etsy’s really happy because they got their percentage from your sale plus their listing fees from both you and from the Supplies shop.

Hey who doesn’t love “double dipping”.   I do it all the time with my tacos and salsa.

               And we’re all really happy     etsy blissed

And the biggest bonanza is that you sell these things FAST which means Etsy get s big turnover on listing fees and percentages.   Etsy really likes that.   And because you’re selling, you don’t really notice that other genuine crafters who make their own things are being ignored.  And if you do, you just think they’re foolish for wasting their time working silver wires and threading beads when they could just buy a tube of glue.   Stupid.   I mean it’s really stupid to make stuff and waste your time.   That tube of glue is your friend.


And what’s even better, you’re protected from any sort of objections.   Because if anyone mentions what you’re doing in the forums and complains that you’re not really making anything, they’ll be muted.

.                                       .   Just like me  etsy dismissed

And if they object more than twice, they’ll be banned from the forums entirely.   And don’t worry about anyone flagging your shop, because Etsy won’t do a thing about it.   After all they need their percentages and listing fees from BOTH you and the supplies shop.   They’ve got the system working for everyone.

Except the genuine artisan actually making his own product.




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